Monday, August 8, 2011

Death from below

I'm sitting here watching the hard drive die on my main work computer. I sceduled a set of chkdsk scans on all the drives on friday and when I booted this morning they started running.

Couple of minor index errors and such on some of the drives... until it got to one and stated a cascade of segment unreadable errors.

You know that bad feeling you get .....

Funnily enough, I was rebuilding a little dell laptop on the bench beside the computer and it took less time to install win XP than it did to run chkdsk on my big computer. Since its only got about 1.1T of drive space... well I would have expected it to go a bit quicker and the install to be a bit slower. Swings and roundabouts.

Either that or the coffee has not soaked in yet and I'm completely halucinating.

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