Thursday, January 31, 2013

E-Prime 2 Context Logging Bug

Just found another weird issue with E-Prime 2.

The help file (and logic dictates) that if you call c.Log,  the context object should log the variables in that Level to the data file.

However, not only have I figured out how to not get that to work... I have figured out how to get a perfectly good TextDisplay object to not log keystrokes as it should.

The interesting thing is that the information is being correctly logged to the E-Recovery text file that E-prime generates but is not being converted to the .edat2 file.  I do not yet understand why.

Ok, the situation is this; I have in the SessionProc set up a loop using a couple of in-line script objects and a Label object to loop through some movie files and capture responses to them.  A bit hackish.

I have run the E-Recovery file through E-Recover and it gave me a hint that a "Complete Record" is surrounded by a "logframe start" and a "logframe end" tags in the text file.  Makes sense.

My problem is that there are 20-odd logframe start and logframe end tag pairs and it only seems to convert the first one.


Ok, as usual there are a couple of "undocumented" features that you need to do to get this working.

You need to call the c.PushNewFrame before your objects and c.PopFrame after the objects have run to get the correct logging levels to appear and be processed by E-Recover.

For instance


'manually manipulate the objects using script files


'Loop until exit

Easy once you know the solution.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nokia Lumina 610 will not connect to WiFi Network

I had a problem trying to connect a Nokia Lumina 610 to a home WiFi network.  It would intermittently see the network.. but sometimes not.  I could enter the details in the advanced mode, but it would fail to find the network.

After fiddling for a while, I set the wireless router back to broadcast on channel 1 ( Extension channel 5) and the Lumina picked it up straight away and connected without any problem.  (Previously I had the router on channel 13 with Extension channel 9.  The router type is a Belkin F5D8236-4 v2 with firmware version 2.01.06.

Hope this helps some other people.

Friday, January 25, 2013

E-Prime 2 RESP hidden characters. Bug or Gotcha?

I have just wasted some time tracking down a weird bug/feature/gotcha in E-Prime 2.

For example the code below is trying to detect a press of the space bar.

Debug.Print "Response is " & GetResponse.RESP

if GetResponse.RESP = "SPACE" then
    Debug.Print "Space bar pressed"

    Debug.Print "Something else pressed"
End if

In the debug window you can see:

Response is SPACE
Something else pressed

Why is this so? 

Because the Debug output window HIDES SOME CHARACTERS OF THE OUTPUT. 

The actual RESP text is "{SPACE}", but the Debug window silently cleans it up to "SPACE" which means that any text comparison you do based on the information you have from the Debug window will be wrong.

If you want to test this try:

Debug.Print "Length of RESP is " & Len(GetResponse.RESP)
Debug.Print "Response is " & GetResponse.RESP

You will see that the length of the string is two characters longer than the string that is output. I.e

Length of RESP is 7
Response is SPACE

Is this a bug, feature or gotcha? You decide.  Really depends how much of your valuable time you waste trying to figure it out.

How I have missed being able to set breakpoints or inspect the stack or any basic debugging tools in Eprime....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trolling for Web Comics

I have not spent much time reading web comics.... I think its to do with the format.  The little bite size snippit of sarcasm or philosophy or acerbic wit just does not satisfy.... I have plowed my way through xkcd a while back and Dinosaur Comic can hold my interest for more than one panel... but I just have not found any that were interesting enough to make the effort to go back to.... until.... Girl Genius.

I think the difference is that this is a long format comic. A serial, if you will.

Having plowed my way through the whole 13 volumes... I have to say it was a tasty treat.  I like the writing, the artwork, the colouring and the pace.  However, I have come to feel that the "serial" nature of releasing small chunks which must end on a hook, is irritating.  It forces the hand of the writer and interupts the flow of the reader in strange ways.  I also find that there is a little too much skipping between the plot threads.  This works as a hooking device but breaks up the narrative flow into fragments. 

I guess that I like a more cohesive long form narrative.  Something that is written start to finish and has nothing to break the flow.  I want to be taken on a journey and not constantly interupted. 

A couple of other noteworthy works are:

Dresden Codak

The following two are long form works. 
Rice Boy
The Meek

Thats all I have found that are interesting so far...