Friday, January 20, 2012

Social Context

Just reading something that made me think around a new corner. 

The social environment in a town or region is probably fairly stable ( or moving toward a status quo) as long as the physical environment, employment etc is fairly constant.  Its only when there is sudden changes that the social environment changes radically... think of various towns or cities in decline or undergoing major addition or loss of significant employers.  In these cases the social context of the population will undergo some transformation. 

So what are the levers for social renewal?  Really only some signficant change in major percentages of the population.  Which suggests that people will keep doing the same thing and not change their individual social habits, its just the aggregate change of population that changes to social scene.  Which can have more granular effects on the social habits of the individual simply by removing some other individuals who they previously had relationships with and adding new people with different habits who they now need to have relationships with.

Immigration, migration, ecconomic decay or renewal, drought, environmental changes, legeslative changes etc.  What else?

This ties into the community resiliance research area.... also something I was mulling over while driving about renewal of staff in an organisation.... again feels like stating the obvious....

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