Monday, February 6, 2012

The new computer blues.... part 389

Still working on transcoding my life from my old machine to the new box.  I have finished trying to move software licenses across.  The final casualty list is:

Profactor Include Manager
Parasoft Insure++
Visual Lint
Camtasia Studio

I think these are the only ones I have completely lost... Adobe CS4 Master Collection is on life support but seems to be functional. 

I have put the old hard drive into a caddy I scrounged and mounted it permanently in the new case rather than the external io board that I have been using to swap it back and forth between the old and the new case.  I have deleted all the duplicate backups between the two systems and apart from deleting the system partition... I think I have stabalised the file pile. 

I have killed the virtual machines I created of the old system as they simply did not boot no matter how tricky I tried to be.  I could mount one of them as a VHD... but only enough so I could create a WIM file from the volume.  Since the WIM is 42GIG rather than the 92GIG for the VHD, I'm keeping that for a while longer. I've already tested that I can rebuild the system partition and boot from the WIM on bare metal... but not as a virtual machine.. doh. It would have been nice to have that option... but the reasons and the effort are just not making it a worthy investment of my time anymore.

I have put the old case back together, tagged it and put it into the scrap pile... slightly melancholy moment.... more about the amount of time I have spent with it rather than its current state of sluggish cpu, dying hard drive and dust bunny collection.  Still its been my partner in crime for nearly half a decade and rarely missed a beat. 

Just have to get a robust backup solution implemented now and I am back to making forward progress.  I find it quite scary to collapse from 3 copies of everything, to two... to idea of deleting my old backups to make room for the new (the drive is too small for both) is quite nerve wracking.  I have only just finished a data recovery job on another machine that has takes about two months.  Going commando with my my last 10 years of data is just a little.... worrying.  Even if it only takes a few hours to rebuild the backup.  Probably should just bite the bullet and buy a bigger backup drive... half a T is just not enough anymore.

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