Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cheating via DirectX and OpenGL article

This is an interesting breakdown on cheat mechanisms and points to some of the interesting meta games being employed by coders on both sides.

My interest in this is both from a technical standpoint of learning about new ways to access and intereact with games ( useful for all type of research projects ) and for the strategies that are being proposed and the counter strategies.

I guess my interest is more about finding functional mechanisms that can allow AI's and Bots to intereact with game environments, simply for research purposes. My personal interest in cheating at a game is kind of the inverse.  I can understand why people cheat and I'm truly fascinated by it as an emergent phenomena... I just value playing too much to actually do it myself.  Then again, I do remember some truly frustrating games that I have happily played in god mode or searched the net for some cheats to get around some bug or irritant in the game.

My ego is not bound up in my social status and the fact that I don't play any of the big social games probably keeps me out of touch with just whats going on.... anyway.... back on topic.

There are some really useful techniques here for AI research.  It's probably a good thing that I'm not involved in this kind of scene as there are so many more things I can think of to do than seem to be done at the present... lol.  Best we don't explore any of those paths I think.

It was all so much simpler when we were hacking save files with a hex editor on single player games on the 486dx2 66.  Then it was just us against the computer.  No networks, no google... just slow painful puzzle solving in the wee small hours of the night until finally we cracked the file format and .... bascially wrecked the game for ourselves.  Blatantly cheating in a game with other people .... just really sucks.

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