Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Support for XP and the .NET 4.0 -> 4.5 situation

I like the fact that blogger has a content warning at the front. It gives me the option to express my frustration.  Not that my level of frustration is the same as some others... but still; its mine.

There shear level of political dickheadedness that has created this particular shit corner is just silly.  Implementing a policy to try to choak off enterprise use of XP artificially fast is just .... stupid.  It will not work.   But it will inflict a lot of pain on the people in the middle (IT and developers) who have to deal with  the situation.

Talk about a cluster fuck.  Who wins?   Microsoft are not going to force anyone to upgrade who was not already happy to upgrade.  The enterprises that did not want to upgrade ... will just stop patching the machines and support the platform as it exists.  The developers will be forced to run older systems without patches and they will not move to the shiny new tools that MS is inflicting on us. Less license fees again.  The fact that the shiny new tools are quite flawed... is another problem all together.

I have decided to try to distance myself from the MS stupidity.  I can really only move to pure Win32 for the GUI via wxWidgets and keep the rest of the codebase in pure C++.  Its going to be painful to excise all the WinForms... but its just not reasonable to move forward with that platform. It's dead.

Thankfully all my .NET codebases have low user counts.  Its still something I have to be aware of and plan for, as we are still in the process of upgrading to Win7.  (Fingers crossed it might be over this year some time...) I still need to upgrade all the labs...but have not been issued with licenses... so no idea when XP will actually exit my world. In the mean time... I just have to keep it all together.

Most of the small code bases should time out as their respective research projects end... so some of this problem will just go away.  Others will need to be ported or maintained on XP... fuck!  The actual number is quite small... and if I get lucky may turn out to be none.  But that still does not make the whole thing not my problem.... I have to keep it in my already over full head.  

And then I get back to all the VBA code I have floating around..... thankfully that generally just works... except for the fucking Mac ports.   There is no string of abuse long enough to express my frustration at the splintered fucking platforms that I have to work with. 

Constant string of fucking change requests... new systems to develop... students doing stupid shit and asking for the world.... I am tired and this is not something I need. 

Building a house on constantly shifting sand is a job for a fuckwit.  Toss in regular earthquakes and the whole thing goes from hard to just fucking pointless.  I need to simplify.... pure C++ + wxWidgets (Win32), some nice DirectX or OpenGL for big projects, VB.NET for the short term projects and VBA for all the office stuff that never dies.  Perl, python and Lua for recreational entertainment.  Not counting the web stuff and SQL for the DB hacking... Then there are all the embedded languages, EBasic, QuickBasic, scripting langauges in all the experimental packages. Some Matlab for spice... a little LabView every so often... Shit! I forgot about the Vista boxes and the Linux system in the Mocap lab.... Its enough to make me dust off some Java books.... *shudder*.  I wonder if the Mono project has full support for anything yet?

Damit.  It's just not simple enough.   One language to rule them all!  Is it too much to ask?

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