Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trolling for Web Comics

I have not spent much time reading web comics.... I think its to do with the format.  The little bite size snippit of sarcasm or philosophy or acerbic wit just does not satisfy.... I have plowed my way through xkcd a while back and Dinosaur Comic can hold my interest for more than one panel... but I just have not found any that were interesting enough to make the effort to go back to.... until.... Girl Genius.

I think the difference is that this is a long format comic. A serial, if you will.

Having plowed my way through the whole 13 volumes... I have to say it was a tasty treat.  I like the writing, the artwork, the colouring and the pace.  However, I have come to feel that the "serial" nature of releasing small chunks which must end on a hook, is irritating.  It forces the hand of the writer and interupts the flow of the reader in strange ways.  I also find that there is a little too much skipping between the plot threads.  This works as a hooking device but breaks up the narrative flow into fragments. 

I guess that I like a more cohesive long form narrative.  Something that is written start to finish and has nothing to break the flow.  I want to be taken on a journey and not constantly interupted. 

A couple of other noteworthy works are:

Dresden Codak

The following two are long form works. 
Rice Boy
The Meek

Thats all I have found that are interesting so far...

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