Friday, February 15, 2013

Access RecordSource & Dynaset not showing records

Just had a weird moment in Access land.

I have two forms that have been in use for a couple of years, suddenly they will not display records as I expected them to.

I was setting the RecordSource property using an SQL string which was working a couple of hours ago.  But now they are not showing any of the records.  However, if I put the RecordType to Snapshot... tada... all the records show up as expected.

After reading some forums, I found the solution here

The thing that is bothering me the most, is how did this come to be a bug I am only just finding?  Have the properties been reset somehow?  Has a patch fixed something?  I swear it used to work as expected... now...weird.

Anyway, I have updated my codebase to explicitly set the DataEntry property to false when I am "reviewing" records and it seems to work fine.  I just have to figure out if my users have different ideas about "fine".

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