Thursday, April 11, 2013

Installation of Psychtoolbox on Matlab

I had a need to set up a matlab environment to work on some legacy code.  The code relied on Psychtoolbox library. So I tried to install this.  The installation runs as a script from within matlab.  Easy enough, but it requires some pre-requisites first.
  • GStreamerSDK 64bit 
  • Subversion Command Line Client
 GStreamer went in smoothly. Installed to the default location.

Already had TortoiseSVN in and working, so ignored this item. 

Stuff that went wrong:

TortoiseSVN does not work without the command line tools. Caused the script to exit.
- Solve this by hand checkout from the repo.

Once the "DownloadPsychtoolbox.m" has failed... you are on your own. 

Script is not able to be re-started without deleting the existing checkout... doh. Start hand reading the scrip to try to figure out how to manually skip ahead.   Found some hints and ran the "SetupPsychtoolbox.m" file from the folder where I checked the files out to.  (In my case "e:\psychtoolbox") This should manually set up the matlab environment path so you can actually use it.

After that, its testing time and lots of debugging.

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