Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Useless Musicians

Musicians and Composers are the poets of our age. They give us the words to say when we cannot think of them ourselves....

Ok, so I may be paraphrasing a little but the sentiment makes enough sense for me to construct my argument around.

Consider this,  for all the major events in your life that you want to be able to express your feelings about, how many songs can you think of that are appropriate or even close?  Let me throw up a few situations and see if you can think of something.

Falling in love?

Getting your heart broken?

Falling in lust? 



Being away from someone that you love?

Party time?

Ok,these were pretty easy scenarios. Songs about these kind of situations are pretty common. Now try a couple of more challenging emotional situations that might choak up your flow of expression.

Getting a new(better) job?

Getting out of hospital?

Finding out you're pregnant?

Getting evicted from your family home?

Getting bullied at school?

Getting a bit harder to think of examples of relevant music and lyrics?  These are actually pretty common emotional events in life and could happen to "normal" people. Once you start looking at even more frequent events... the number of songs gets even smaller.

Getting arrested?

Paying off a debit/mortgage/loan?

Giving birth?

Burying your parents/partner/child?

Learning someone close to you is missing?

Getting diagnosed with something horrible?

Once you move on to some of the big issues in life, the number of songs gets really small. 


Systemic poverty?

Environmental destruction?




Mental illness?

Governmental Corruption?


False imprisonment?



People smuggling?


The point I want to make is that I'm finding it hard to find much in the way of music and lyrics that provides any expression on much beyond the teen mating rituals. It would be nice to see musicians tackle a few of the bigger issues in life.

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