Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crowdsourcing the crowdsource

This is an interesting article on abuse or exploitation of the Mechanical Turk system for the purpose of abuse or exploitation.  Kind of symmetry that only a self balancing market could develop.  I also see this as the future of online labour recruiting. On one side of the transaction is a scammer trying to use the service to gather money, while on the other side is a scammer trying to use the service directly for profit.  In the middle of the bell curve are the regular jobs and the regular workers (who can pass the validation tests)

There is another beautiful aspect to this system.  It allows robots to work without discrimination.  It should be possible to build a market place where bot writers can write good enough bots to do the jobs that are being sourced out.

This is another fun aspect of globalization and the devaluation of the workforce. Robots will replace the lowest skilled workers first.

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