Thursday, May 26, 2011

Self Drive Cars

This is a useful article on Google's self drive cars.  It suggests some of the problems and hints at an interesting ethical dilemma relevant to all "real world" robots when the "saves Lives" justification is used.



  1. I think self-driving cars are bound to happen. Technology is evolving even as we speak, so it's not really surprising that people will come up with ideas like this one. There may be some flaws for this car as of the moment, but hey, there's more time for improvement, right?

    Stelle Courney

  2. Hopefully much time for improvement. Until they have a deterministic "Manual drive"/"Auto drive" switch, I will have trouble trusting them enough to hop in. But this is more a usability/UI issue than a question of whether or not the idea of an AI car has any merit.

    AI is still in its infancy and cannot scale to the complexity of many scenarios on the highway/country road etc.