Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its ON. Lodsys is eating the peasants....

It's so ON. 

Following on from my previous rant about the pattern between Lodsys, Apple, the developer ecosystem etc.  The last round came from Apple threatening Lodsys... now Lodsys has ignored the threat and is going after a couple of fat sheep.  Time to see what Apple will do. 

Google, Microsoft, RIM and all the other app store owners will be watching with interest (or naked fear) and outside the firelight the trolls will be straining to see what happens.  If Apple flinches they will be piling in and tear the developers to bits. 

Apple now really has to fight. Get your wacking stick out Steve cause you CAN NOT loose this one.

And now to my thoughts on developing an app for iOS.... LOL.... 

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