Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strategy for eliminating bullying within organisations

I have been reading a couple of things about bullying within organisations, specifically at Universities and how hard it is to mitigate, treat and elminiate due to the cultural issues.

My question is, is there a generic strategy that can be implemented that will change the dynamic and allow this kind of abusive situation to be cheaply removed from an organisation.

The problem drivers are that individuals who are bullied are unwilling to report it and the organisation is disfunctional in how to deal with it.  (I would hypothesise this is harder in hierarchical organisations... but thats another line of rant...)

Firstly, the idea of using "reporting" as a problem identification process and "correcting" the bullying as a self improvement method... nice in the abstract but hard to implement in reality. 

Another strategy is to make a business case... but that's just foolish.  If there was clarity on the situation the bully would have been fired long since.  

Need to play with this idea a little more to find some better solutions. 

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