Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So you formatted your hard drive... oops.

Here is the scenario:

You have a huge external USB hard drive (2T or so) full of who knows what... but generally things you want to play through your TV. 
You see a USB port on the side of the TV.  You plug in the hard drive.
The TV then formats the hard drive to a RAW format for you.  (Yes there may have been some message that might have explained that in cryptic terms or expected you to have read the manual before doing this reasonable act. No one remembers the message or cares...)

Result... lots of crying, then finding your favorite IT guy(non gender specific) and asking them if they can fix it.

Favorite IT guy guesses pretty much what has happened.  (Shit message from TV which clearly did not articulate the consequences. Shit Interface on the TV and generally Shit TV... did I mention I hate TV's? They work... but in their own little fantasy land of propietary unicorns with non standard horns and cryptic software goblins who are clearly not customer focused. The first phrase they learn after Saruman pops them out of the birth goo is "customer lock-in". They can all go and suck my troll. )

Anyway, when confronted with a drive that has been partially or completely formatted as RAW... what does one do?

One gets a copy of Zero Assumptions Data Recovery, One sets aside a couple of days to scan the drive and find all the lost files ( and everything else that has been deleted..ever) then one copies the found data to another drive big enough to hold it all. (670G in this case) which took about another 2 days as it was between two large USB drives. Then format the old drive back to Fat32 using GPartEd.  Then One copies all the found files back to the old drive... again across USB so again taking acouple of days.  One then hands the fixed drive back to the owner... has "the talk" about not doing it again, and returns to what they were previously doing.... a week and a half later.

The owner then spends a few days deleting everything they had previously deleted and trying to figure out the folder names and hierarchy they previously had. 

Job done.

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