Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Acrobat 9 Pro bug

I have been processing a bunch of scanned pdf's and running the OCR tool on them.  Since I had a pile to do, I created a "Advanced > Document Processing > Batch Processing > Batch Sequence" script in Acrobat to auotmate the process. Problem is, its results are bizare.

If I run the commands manually, I get a nice result. (OCR Text Plus smallish ~2MB file size)
If I run the commands by batch, I get a weird result (OCR Text Plust origional file size)  With the same options and the save options to reduce the files size turned on.

Also, If I run the OCR command manually, and then run the batch command on the same file, it detects the existing OCR text.  However, if I run the batch command first, then run the OCR command manually on the same file, it does not detect existing OCR text and seems to completely re-do the whole file (and do a much better job).


The is with Acrobat 9 Pro.


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