Monday, January 31, 2011

Current Reading List

I am trying to refine my regular reading palate. Both in terms of quality and in terms of topicality.  I figure that all the lists of bookmarks that I never have time to visit in my browsers are dead air, so I have turned to RSS feeds and subscriptions to email newsletters to bring topical curated material to me. I am being ruthless in culling low quality feeds. If I don't read it or the volume is too high or the quality is too low... its toast. It's also fun to play the finite resource game. I only have so much time to read in a day and I want it to all count. This means a feed has to keep the noise down.

I would prefer a better source on robot hacking, but have not found one yet.

CodeProject's daily Newsletter
Usually good. I tend to read about 75% of the articles.

AAAI's AITopics
Lots of robot goodness. Keeps the brain ticking over. About 90%

Hack a Day
This is usually high quality and interesting.  About 80%

The signal to noise ratio here is not good. Most things are interesting but of fairly low utility. So its distracting but not particularly enriching.  About 30%.  This one is sliding off the end.

Science Daily
This is a general roundup of science articles. Usually something interesting but a crap RSS feed as it duplicates and repeats stuff all over. Probably needs to get dumped as its too much work.  About 25%. This is too much work and is too hard to manage.

I have recently discarded GeekDad because it has turned to crap. I was reading about 1 in 20 articles and the signal to noise ratio was constantly falling.

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