Friday, January 28, 2011

Software Testing Stack

This is a good article that summarizes the software testing stack as I visualize it.  The problem I keep coming back to is that there are no turn key systems to implement this kind of stack for most developers. You can find fragments of the solution in some languages. Others have much better sets of tools, but they are still not integrated or complete.

As a developer I just want a testing suite that I can turn on, build tests in and run in various obvious ways (selectively, by group, by layer etc), I want a back end reporting system that will give both simple and rich stats, coverage metrics, etc.  And most importantly, I want the system to support my favorite languages, libraries and frameworks.

I figure it should be illegal to use a language/framework/library etc that is not able to be comprehensibly tested to using an open set of tests on a known testing framework. Things like this are just not business ready.

Seems like the .NET testing environment is maturing quickly but its still a bit of a "roll-your-own" mentality which makes portability of the tests between developers less easy.

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