Friday, February 18, 2011

Data Recover on a WD Mybook 500gig drive

The drive is partially functional but has a heat based failure fairly soon after warming up. I have dismounted the drive IO board and it shows obvious discoloration around the major SMD's. I have tried using a fan to keep the IO board cool but without any luck. Apparently due to storing the firmware on the actual drive rather than on the IO board its much harder to simply swap the IO board on modern drives. Hence this job is rapidly getting out of my reach. I have recommended that the client pass the job to an external professional who can do the job. The quote is $495 which I thought was very reasonable to recover a few hundred gigs. Anyway its in the clients hands now.

There seems to be a bit of noise on the web about Western Digital drives failing in the MyBook series so I may have to re-think my attitude to Western Digital being a nice stable brand. Go figure.

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