Friday, February 11, 2011

Energy Accumulators Game

What's a primitive energy accumulator?

Ok, the rules of the game are:

1. Must be found/built by a single person.
2. Must not require tools/equipment than can't be carried/transported by a single person.
3. Must be maintainable by the same person or another similarly versed with the same tools.
4. The design must be able to be communicated verbally.
5. Uses common/found/grown/scavenged materials.

6. Energy must be able to be input into the system.
7. Energy must be extractable from the system on demand (Within an hour of that demand anyway..)
8. The system must be re-usable ( not consumed apart from general wear and tear or environmental damage)
9. The system must be reliably efficient ( I.e It can be be low efficiency but it should be similarly efficient between uses. Not unpredictable is the the point)

10. The system must be useful and reasonable for the intended purpose and the need cycle of that purpose. (i.e no possible but implausible systems)
11. The design must be implementable at more than one site. ( I.e not dependant upon some unique site specific feature/s)
12. The system must be implementable within a reasonable period of time (<1yr)

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