Friday, February 11, 2011

The Reading List

After a few weeks of conscientiously trying to manage my online reading I have cut down my reading list even more.

The only feeds I am not following are:

AAAI's AI topics
Hack a Day

These are manageable with a very high signal to noise ratio.  I wish the AAAI stuff was better formatted but that's a minor bitch.  I have recently killed off ScienceDaily because it was burying me under a landslide of marginally interesting shit.  At last count it was sitting at 1251 unread items. That's insane. No one can keep up with that amount of crap. They have no system to specialize the feed or split it by topic so you get everything or nothing.  I pick nothing.

There are a few other low volume blogs that are interesting, mainly math, stats and some robotics stuff... but I'm being more cautious about committing my time to testing them.  They need to earn my trust first and display the high signal to noise ratio that they need to be worth my time.

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