Thursday, July 21, 2011

Its data analysis time again

Yet another cohort of students are rushing through their research and the first are just starting to hit the analysis phase.

So that I can stop repeating myself (even if its just in my head) the phases of data analysis are:

1. Archive the raw data set.
2. Develop OBJECTIVE cleaning rules
3. Apply Cleaning rules -> Gives you "Clean Data Set"
4. Develop mappings rules (Code book for SPSS people)
5. Apply mapping rules to "Clean Data Set" -> Gives you "Processed Data Set"
6. Develop Analysis Script
7. Apply Analysis Script to "Processed Data" -> Gives you "Analysis Result"
8. Develop Visualization Scripts/Graph/Animation
9. Apply Visualisation to Analysis Result -> Gives you "Information".

Now add to thesis/paper/presentation, sprinkle with magic and watch for green smoke.... tada!  Move to the PhD cue to receive your shingle....

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