Saturday, July 9, 2011

More debit semantics

Debit = Time shifted expenditure(expenditure = asset loss)

Therefore if investment is diametrically opposite on the same axis:

Investment = time shifted income (Income = asset gain not access to resources)

Assets are internal while resources are external (From resiliance theory)

All this suggests that the semantic concept that I have been trying to describe as "equilibrium" needs a different name and concept set.  Its closer to some concept of "Individual" or "self" .  This includes the possibility of the individual changing ( increasing in assets and decreasing) while the idea of "equilibrium" suggests something more static.

The problem being that the central concept needs to encapsulate a descriptor for each of the dimensions/properties that are used to describe it. It also needs to capture state and again some sense of the relative and absolute value....  is there any possible single word to describe this ball of mud concept?

More thinking.

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