Thursday, October 20, 2011

Building Ember Media Manager from Source pt1

I have been having a look at Ember Media Manager and got bored/curious enough to try to build it from source.  After crashing into various instructions on both the origional Ember Media Manager project and the Ember Media Manager - R project.  I have pulled down the source from both and tried to build it using VB.NET 2008 and 2010 Express.

I'm currently focusing on the Emm-r project.

The first error is in the various solution files. There is one that seems to be openable via 2008 but it does not inlcude all the sub projects correctly as the paths have changed. This is easily corrected by adding "\trunk" into the paths, tweaking a couple of project names and adding some projects taht were not present at all.

The second solution file is openable in 2010 but as I only have the Express version.... (this becomes a problem in the next step)

Building with VB2010Express

The next set of errors are in the form of:

rem SVN Revision -> Version Number

echo %ProgramFiles%  | find /i "(x86)"
if errorlevel  1 (
set ToolExec="C:\EmberR\trunk\SubWCRev.exe"
) else (
set ToolExec="C:\EmberR\trunk\SubWCRev64.exe"
%ToolExec% "C:\EmberR\trunk\EmberAPI\\" "C:\EmberR\trunk\EmberAPI\My Project\AssemblyInfo.temp" "C:\EmberR\trunk\EmberAPI\My Project\AssemblyInfo.vb" exited with with code -1073741515.

 These errors are to do with the pre-build events in each project.  The build events use the SubWCRev.exe programs to include the Subversion  Working Copy number in the AssemblyInfo.vb file. The problem is that the version of SubWCRev.exe (or SubWCRev64.exe) included in the project is either incomplete (missing libapr_tsvn.dll) the  are no longer current with the current version of Subversion. 
One solution is to remove the explicit path and allow the command to search the path for the program and find it in the c:\program files\TortoiseSVN\bin\ directory (in my case).  The other option is the do away with the inclusion of the subversion working copy number in the AssemblyInfo.vb and delete the pre-build event script all toghether.  Either or... but the question is how to do this and stay current with the project source.  Anyway... getting it to build is step 1.

As 2010 Express edition does not allow access to the pre-build or post-build steps.  Which since they are broken, does not let you fix them.

Build with VB2008Pro

So, my method is to open the 2008 solution file, fix the paths to the sub projects, then fix the pre-build scripts. If I build at this stage I get 867 errors due to all sorts of shit.

So open the 2010 solution file and build using 2010. This seems to build OK, but trying to run the program and its still in a tangle due to not running in a useful working directory with the resources.

Building with VB2010Pro
However, building on my work machine with VB2010 pro works first time (after upgrading the solution file)

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