Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hypertext literature inutero


This is an interesting post on the problems with hypertext as a narrative form.  I don't think it holds many answers, but it does summaries some of the problems (loosely).  I don't think much has changed since I tried to teach people about it half a decade ago. Its still not clear what the form and rules are, if there are going to be genre conventions and what readers expectations will be/are.  So the fundamentals are still wildly in flux, even though there are existing works. 

I agree with the authors point that its a challenging and complex beast to create... not because its intrinsically hard but mainly because no one knows what it should look like.  Once we have conventions, it will be possible to either follow them or violate them, but everyone will know what they are....

Must get back to this one day....

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