Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My polyglot life... I mean code...

This is a good article on a product that used "polyglot programming".  It reminds me of some of the projects that I have had to Frankensteined together.  PointLightLab is the worst, it uses native C++, Managed C++, WinForms, XML  Schema & DTD, XSD for the XML parser, and implements 5 simple (well 4 simple and 1 convoluted) DSL's for the user side logic.  On top of which is layered the academic logic of the domain that we are playing within.  It then integrates (or is integrated with) by other packages I have written in PERL, Visual Basic.NET, VBA, MaxScript and others I have probably forgotten.

Pity the poor bastard who inherits this lot. 

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