Monday, May 7, 2012

6th Sense... Scam Radar?

I have received too many scam emails.  Being attuned to scams and having read and disected hundreds, I am almost hyper-sensitive to them.  This has flowed over into my dealing with all sorts of other communication.

I have passed into the realm of the elete bullshit detectors.  Everything from poorly written advertorials, through to bias journalism, spun political monologues.  It may not help that I am raising small children who are inventing new ways to finess the truth every day.  

I think this has some very difficult results as I am so sensitve to social engineering attacks that conversations with peopel trying to get me to do something reasonable often trigger my scam detector.  I can barely carry a conversation with a salesperson in a shop without undermining all their bullshit. 

I have a feeling this makes me even more difficult to live with.... who knows.

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