Monday, May 28, 2012

Article on Genius thought processes

This is interesting and in some ways ... kinda stating the obvious.  Perhaps a more interesting question is not how Geniuses think... but how everyone else thinks; and why. 

Is thought patterns and strategies a spectrum?  Is there some tipping point between unusual thought patterns and everyone else?

Whats at the other end of the spectrum?  Anxiety? Compulsive behaviours?  Stress? Nightmares?
I think its limits.  That is, either self limiting thought patterns ( I can't draw) or looping thought patterns that endlessly cycle (post traumatic stress) recurrent nightmares etc.  I would also toss in issues like peer pressure, social conformity, body image and other "norming" thought processes that limit options and exploration of possibilities.

The spectrum between these two positions is probably "Normal thought"  which is a little bit from column A and a little from Column B.  

I always find this kind of process interesting because it ends up with me asking myself what sort of limits I impose on myself?  Are these limits real or imagined.  Are they still relevant.

Some are biological,  physical limits due to health and fitness, others are cognitive, some may even be maladaptive.... others are social and finally some are due to phsical resources (time and money mostly) and environment.   There may be a couple of other categories ( legal, saftey, future planning, heritage, family, religious.... that I am ignoring right now.)

The question is, can we remove some of these limits?  Are some of them "Improvable"?  Do we need to swap one for another?  Is it simply a case of doing something differently or is there a trade-off? 

Isn't life fun...


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