Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boostrapper error in Visual Studio setup project

Error    4    An error occurred generating a bootstrapper: Unable to finish updating resource for .... blah blah files in setup project.


There is not much to go on with googling for an answer.  Possible solutions abound but hard results are few.

1) Clean all and rebuild... done with no result.
2) Fiddle with the dependencies on the .NET version required and the launch conditions which also specified the .NET version.... tada!  Fixed.  For some reason .NET v2.0 is no longer in the search path ( seems to not be part of the Windows 7 SDK at the moment????

I have upgraded to .NET 4 and Windows Installer 4.5.  I don't need those levels of the framework specificially but I know they are current and should be present on a well maintained machine.  The presence of older versions of the .NET framework is getting a little more risky.

Job done.

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