Monday, April 26, 2010

Archive from 19_10_07 - Static Anlaysis

I feel like I have run around in circles with the static analysis issue. Having spent a frustating time testing Parasoft tools ( very nice static analysis bit BTW) I ended up rejecting their C++Test as its just a messy interface. It seems to be intended for large build regression testing as its just too cumbersome for test driven development. The interface is just slow and confused.

I just can't live with that sort of overhead from a tool that is intended to make my life easier.

So I have come back to Pc-lint. The integration with visual studio is ok, I can capture the output into the IDE and use it easily... it doesnt check for all the fun stuff that Parasoft does but then again its not trying to be all things to all people ( and failing)

Still need to get a copy of Visual Lint to see if that makes life any easier. Otherwise I will just hack up my own version. What a waste of time... I have gotten little done for a whole week trying to get their tools to work the way I want them to.

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