Monday, November 7, 2011

Career Advice for Coders

This article is well worth the read, just for the writing style. The content is excellent too.  The interesting point is just how it reflects on a coder working in an academic environment.... which essentially has no real profit motive and only vague concepts of "reducing costs".  This means that making any value proposition about yourself has to be couched in the currency of the organisation... be it research or teaching.

The other upshot is that, as the article suggests, academics have no money and offer really crap pay.  They value other "currency", such as publications, grants, research, awards etc.  Probably because the monetary returns of academia are fairly stable, not particular high and fairly well known. It's really only the "super stars" of the academic ( or uni administration) who make a reasonable living.  But, funnily enough, they still have to argue a value proposition, much like the above article outlines.

Essentially, apply the ideas in the article or take what the world hands you.  Control your destiny or be controlled.

On a similar theme is this post

Which also points out the obvious (once you grok it) that the clients perception of you relates directly to the amount they value you. As I said ... obvious.

On the same topic, and illustrating some of the same points but from a slightly different POV.

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