Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gamey taste....

What sort of game do I feel like playing at the moment? Its after midnight, I'm awake but only just and want entertainment, not a movie or tv... just something serene and quiet.  No drama.

Well after looking at the options, its nothing fast, deep or pointless.  I feel like doing something but not competing.  Just wandering around in some virtual world and checking things out. But there is nothing low intensity.  If I wander around in Oblivion or Stalker, I will just run into something that wants to eat me, maim me or otherwise spoil a pleasant evenings virtual stroll.

I have the urge to use a quality engine like Skyrim and build a better world.  I appreciate the urge to go adventuring and the role that combat plays in so many of those style of games, but we have reached a point where we are not limited to that kind of game.  Well for all intent the technical limits are not as heavy, but the fiscal limits are probably still there.  I doubt many publishers would drop five figures on my urge to build a world that didnt include lots of hack and slash.

I just want a beautiful world that I can wander into at will.... but isn't that what most of the fantasy fiction writers have been doing since year dot?

Since I'm not in the mood to actually do something specific, any sort of narrative structure would be just irritating. In my current state, I just want to ghost around.  Not really engage, just fill my eyes with gorgeous visuals and hang out somewhere that calms my mind after a busy day.  Is this even a game? Sounds like a photo gallery with a couple of extra dimensions.

Probably would not sell well.

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