Friday, November 18, 2011

Region of Interest

I used the term "Computational Neuroscience" in anger for the first time today.  Very strange moment.  I have been kind of looking at it from a distance wondering if I was kidding myself about where I am at... it just kind of slipped out.

While I think its related to my area of interests at the moment, in hindsight I still feel that its an ill fit.  Honestly my interest in brain modelling is more recreational; just a stepping stone to ...??? I'm not specifically interested in debugging the human brain ( or any mammalian brain when it comes to that..) they are just the most developed examples we have at the moment.  Need to wander off and think about something practical.  Keep thinking about how to apply machine learning to identify which student will get a first class honors based on their literature review... lol.  Probably shouldn't publish that... all the crying would be hard to take... probably should just use it to get rich the old fashioned way by playing the stock market.  Boring but turns nice coin so I hear....

Time to not be here. 

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